First of all, thank you for your interest in Vietnam, which is a beautiful country waiting for you to visit. On this page, we will introduce a little bit about our team.


Who we are?


We are “Welcome To Vietnam”, a Vietnamese tourism media organization. Our two main missions are to provide information about Vietnam tourism for international friends and make videos of tourist destinations in Vietnam. Currently, our team comes from all parts of Vietnam, providing you with useful and most updated travel information as well as helpful and inspirational travel videos about Vietnam. 


Our mission


1. Provide the most necessary and clearest travel information.

Clear and specific travel information will make your trip easier and more complete. Understand that, so our team has been traveling around Vietnam to select the most necessary information about the locations provide it to you on this website. In addition, we also synthesize the detailed information and systematically put into the book – Vietnam travel guide, you can buy it if you want, or you can consult the information on the website, which has almost all the information about Vietnam tourist.

2. Create the most panoramic and authentic videos about tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Our team has been traveling all over Vietnam to shoot and edit videos about tourist destinations in Vietnam, with the desire to give you a more accurate overview of those tourist destinations. A video makes more sense than any article!

We currently have hundreds of videos of locations across Vietnam, which are waiting for you to check out! You can watch these videos on the Vietnam TV column; we hope they will be a great reference for your upcoming trip.


Connect with us


As a media organization, we are always up to date with the latest and most essential travel information for you, don’t forget to connect with us.

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