Vietnam Travel Guide

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Author: Welcome to Vietnam

Format: Ebook (PDF)

Published: August 2020

Length: 120 pages

Language: English



Vietnam is a beautiful country in tropical Southeast Asia, which you may have heard of as a country with glorious wars. For us, however, Vietnam is not only a courageous country, but it is also a privileged creation of Mother Nature, a homeland, and a pride. We would like to bring that spirit to you, with all our knowledge, experiences, and love.

Our team has traveled to every corner of Vietnam to choose the locations to include in this book. The recommendations in here are all selected according to fair criteria in the eyes of locals without any bias or interference of advertisement.


The ultimate travel guide for Vietnam

This is not just a travel book, we have designed it as a story. We optimize it with vivid and realistic images in hope to help you easily grasp the essential information, and discover Vietnam more easily.


5 reasons why the book is a great companion

With 120 pages of carefully designed and selected information, this book will help you visit Vietnam in the easiest way.


1. The necessary travel information

The most essential information is selected and put into a book in graphic form, helping you grasp information most easily. Perhaps, you also do not want to read a book full of words, right?


2. Detailed of destinations

Chapter 3 highlight the top 15 destinations in Vietnam ranked by their popularity. There are three sections devoted to each destination: The introduction page is an overview of the destination. “Things to do” gives you some recommendations about where to go and “Food to try”, where we introduce the best food and where to eat, all well selected from the most reliable restaurants. 


3. Detailed of Restaurants & prices

This is one of our “ultimate”. Do you know, our team has traveled around the corner of Vietnam to choose the right restaurants, and cafes to help you enjoy the “local” dishes in a complete way. These suggestions are fair because we do not accept any advertising or sponsorship.

4. Detailed of food

The 15 most popular Vietnamese dishes are described specifically in the book. Each dish includes information on ingredients and how to eat. A perfect complement to the destination information we’ve listed in chapter 3, makes it easy to choose your favorite food to add to your wish list.


5. Detailed of Maps

In the last chapter, we will introduce you to a great companion for your journey to discover Vietnam: Map! These maps have been thoroughly surveyed and edited by us, including destinations, restaurants, cafes, and bars. We have compressed these maps in the highest resolution and clarity, so you can print out and use them for your trip.




What is the format of the book?

The format of the book is PDF, which conveys the content of the book in the best way. In this PDF version, we designed it to work with any mobile device.


How to download the book?

After payment, you will be redirected to the download page and can proceed to download. We will also send you an email so you can download it anytime you want. The maximum number of times you can download is 2.

For iPhone, you need to select “Save to Files” after downloading.


What is the file size of the ebook?

To ensure the image and graphics quality, we have compressed the book in the highest quality, the file size is relatively large: 28 MB. Don’t worry, you only need less than a minute to download it.


Are the recommendations for restaurants and cafes reliable?

The suggestions in the book have been surveyed by us, they are completely reliable, we update this book every quarter to ensure the information is always the best.


Do I get support when I have problems in Vietnam?

Of course, if you have questions or problems with the book, you can message us directly here (the official Welcome to Vietnam Fanpage) or email

To be honest, anyone who has a question or problem while in Vietnam (bought or not bought the book), we will give our full support. Because we are “Welcome to Vietnam”! We are happy when you – the travelers have a complete trip!

You can visit the Welcome to Vietnam group (Facebook), where you always get the full support when required.


Can I buy the paperback?

We still prefer Ebook for the convenience and ease of updating travel information, however, we are also working with Amazon to produce paperback books, soon!


Who we are


Thank you for reading up to this, coming here, surely you have an overview of this book, right? And the last words, we will introduce a little bit about our team.

We are “Welcome To Vietnam”, a Vietnamese tourism media organization. Our two main missions are to provide information about Vietnam tourism for international friends and make videos of tourist destinations in Vietnam. Currently, our team comes from all parts of Vietnam, providing you with useful and most updated travel information as well as helpful and inspirational travel videos about Vietnam. Don’t forget to connect with us:


Thank you and



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