[Infographic] Vietnam weather - The climate of North Vietnam
[Infographic] Vietnam weather - The climate of The Red River Delta and Northeast Vietnam
[Infographic] Vietnam weather - The weather of South Central Coast and Central Highlands of Vietnam
[Infographic] Vietnam weather - Southeast and Mekong River Delta

The best time to visit Vietnam is from December to March, this is also the time when Vietnam welcomes the most international tourists. So we will provide more information about the climate of these months:

  • Vietnam weather in November: Only rain in the Northeast region, the others is almost no rain, the climate is hot and dry.
  • Vietnam weather in December: Heavy rains in the North Central Coast, drizzle in Northern Vietnam, and the others have no rain.
  • Vietnam weather in January: Except for Northern, North Central Vietnam have drizzle, the others have no rain.
  • Vietnam weather in February: The North has drizzle, other places have no rain.

Above is all information about climate in Vietnam, this is presented in infographic format to help you easily seize the information.

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