Vietnam Visa

It’s easy to come to Vietnam! Vietnam offers visa exemptions to tourists from 24 countries, and e-Visas to travellers from 80 countries. Just a few steps, you can apply for a Vietnam visa, and discover this land your way! Here is all information you need to know about Vietnam visa.

Vietnam Weather

Vietnam is a tropical monsoon climate country, there are two monsoon seasons in a year: the Southwest monsoon brings humid weather, and the Northeast monsoon, which brings cold and drizzly. Below is a detailed infographic of the climate in Vietnam by the regions.

Transportation In Vietnam

Vietnamese territory is like an S-shape, located on the eastern Indochinese Peninsula. The distance between the north and south pole is 1650 km, and its coastline is 3 260 km long. There are many forms of transportation in Vietnam such as airplanes, trains and buses.


Vietnam’s currency is Vietnam Dong (The đồng /dɒŋ/; symbol “đ”, code: VND). Only paid in VND when you are in Vietnam. At each destination, we’ve recommended places to exchange. There are many different denominations, popular from 500 dong to 500,000 dong. Current exchange rate: 1 US dollar (USD) ≈ 23.500 (VND) (2020).

Your Vietnam

Thank you for your interest in Vietnam. Let’s explore this beautiful land and share your photos with the hashtags #yourvietnam or #vietnamnomad. Many attractive gifts are waiting for you.

Vietnam Tourism Overview

Vietnam is an equatorial, hot climate all year round, it is a beautiful country with a coastline of 3260 km, and many beautiful natural landscapes stretch from the North to the South – 63 provinces. Each province has its own character waiting for you.