Vietnam’s currency is Vietnam Dong (The đồng /dɒŋ/; symbol “đ”, code: VND). Only paid in VND when you are in Vietnam. At each destination, we’ve recommended places to exchange. There are many different denominations, popular from 500 Dong to 500,000 Dong. Current exchange rate: 1 US dollar (USD) ≈ 23.500 (VND) (2020).



Denominations in circulation (the images from Wikipedia, for reference only, We don’t mention the denomination of 200 VND because it is rarely used)

Vietnamese dong 500 vietnamnomad
Five hundred dong


Vietnamese dong 1000 vietnamnomad
One thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 2000 vietnamnomad
Two thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 5000 vietnamnomad
Five thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 10000 vietnamnomad
Ten thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 20000 vietnamnomad
Twenty thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 50000 vietnamnomad
Fifty thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 100000 vietnamnomad
One hundred thousand dong


Vietnamese 200000 dong vietnamnomad
Two hundred thousand dong


Vietnamese dong 500000 vietnamnomad
Five hundred thousand dong



Avoid confusion of denominations with quite similar looks and colors as 10 000 VND vs 200 000 VND, 20 000 VND vs 500 000 VND.

Five hundred thousand Dong is the largest denomination now, it’s worth approximately US $ 22 (based on the exchange rate in 2019).

You can consult rates via this website

You need to carefully check the change and limited carrying large cash.

Cards are widely accepted in restaurants, hotels and other public amenities (but not at street-food stalls) and ATMs are placed densely. The most popular exchange rate when travelling in Vietnam is from USD to VND. It is known among travellers that the best exchange rate is given at jewelry shops, however, it is now considered illegal to exchange currency at those shops. So, the best way is to change money at the airport, local banks or ATMs.



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