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Vietnam Travel Tips and Recommendations


  • Should ask for prices before buying.
  • Tipping is not customary in Vietnam; however, little money tips will help guides or waiters happier. (Recommended: 10% for the tour guide, restaurants or cafes don’t need to tip).
  • Don’t forget to bargain when shopping in traditional markets as Ben Thanh Market, Dong Xuan Market, and Han Market (You should bargain half of its price, then increase).
  • Avoid mistaking between denominations are almost the same in appearance as 10 000 VND vs 200 000 VND, 20 000 VND vs 500 000 VND. 
  • Refer to the price and tourist information about the cities you will visit.





• Saving the phone number of the embassy (or consulate) of your country in Vietnam.
• An additional copy of passport, travel insurance and air tickets to provide in case of lost.
• Look up some more information about Ho Chi Minh City, other destinations, and localities on the internet.
• Carrying some kind of medicines such as cold, cough, gastrointestinal, disorders and headaches.
• Carefully store your valuable things in the hotel, regularly checking windows and doors before going out.
• Checking careful papers and money when going out.
• Detailed planning for your trip.
• Pre-installed some essential applications.
• Shouldn’t carry large amounts of money and valuables.
• Shouldn’t go to deserted places, especially in the evening.

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